A play in three acts that might once but most probably will never be performed on humanity’s attempts to understand (and possibly conquer) the world. + 100 terms that might need further explanation for better understanding

The script for a play that might once but most probably will never be performed, and the accompanying booklet that further explains 100 of the terms used, for better understanding.

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‘This is the script for a play that is not necessarily supposed to ever be performed, in which a character named and embodying humanity tries to understand (and hereby possibly conquer) the world.

In three acts, humanity encounters the characters truth, love, consciousness and reality, and attempts to make sense of them by employing tools of exactitude and objectivity, and by interacting with archetypes of the scientific method.

These props and characters are often dysfunctional or dealt with in absurd and incoherent ways. As the play continues, it increasingly becomes more pataphysical and determined by the slippery laws of exception and equivalence. Questions of scale, how to deal with unobservables and how to relate nature and theory are considered, and different models of world-explanation are presented. All are very disputable due to their outdated, pseudoscientific and metaphorical essence, but somehow resonate with humanity’s deeply felt yearnings.’