Humanity passes the switchgrass as he enters the stage

'Humanity passes the switchgrass as he enters the stage' is an installation with videos and sound, in which the script for a play on humanity's world conquering attempts is read by two mouths, projected trough the wall that the bendy blackboard bends through. It was shown from 20 january - 3 march in the P/////AKTPOOL space of P/////AKT, Amsterdam.

Exhibition text:
A character enters the forestage. Behind the curtains, a classroom-like stage set is built over a sinkhole that erased a big circle of dark green floor from the center of the school’s sports hall. She taps the microphone and holds it close enough for her lipstick to stain it.

‘Welcome to the annual unperformed school play’s first act on Humanity’s world conquering attempts.’
A welcoming melody is played from the 12,262 meter deep sinkhole, but reaches no further than the grassosphere. ‘Move past the switchgrass to enter.’

  • Glass
  • Styrofoam
  • Plasticrete
  • Plaster
  • Wood
  • Chalk
  • Projections
  • Sound
  • Chairs
Voice By
  • Cyrill Rafaël Vasilyev
Photography by
  • Chun-Han Chiang, courtesy of P/////AKT, Amsterdam