Practicum was part of the duo presentation ‘To settle into a crust’ with Pia hinz, shown 8 June – 21 July in the P/////AKTPOOL space of P/////AKT, Amsterdam.

Exhibition text:
"In the resolution of a play on Humanity’s world conquering attempts, Humanity (a feverish child) enters the stage with the beginning of the ruler of everything.
This very human, wooden prop proposes yet another order.
As he moves past the perpetually looping choreography of children with crusts for skin and ravines running from their necks to their asses, Humanity measures the world.
He drills into the earth and through the habitat of a mealworm, and realizes his findings don’t correspond with the reality of his educational model.
The anomalously high concentrations of Styrofoam in a worldwide future earth layer show him he’s been acting on suspended ground.
Humanity decides to settle beside the mealworm, that feeds on its surroundings without sinking down, since its feces pile up beneath it.
The lights dim."

Photography by
  • Charlott Markus, courtesy of P/////AKT, Amsterdam