To Rule the Beach

To rule the beach is an installation in which a series of objects based on the shape and implications of the sandruler is presented in a slightly site specific shelf system. Sandrulers are circular field measuring tools with sandsamples that can be used to estimate the grain size of encountered sand. They also help humanity to determine when grains stop being sand and start being fine gravel or silt.

Whether this particular collection of sandruler-like objects can be considered useful as a set of tools is questionable. The rulers contain beachcombing samples from trips to Scheveningen beach and wonder when the beachy material walked upon can be considered sand and when it becomes something else.

Featuring rulers like:
- Sunglass ruler
- Sea urchin ruler
- Sugar ruler
- Magazine ruler
- Shell ruler
- Sigaret ruler
- Eyelash ruler
- Dead winged insect ruler

This room is part of bunkerexpositie#36, an exhibition together with Hilke Walraven in bunkerV192.

Photography by