Syzygy in a negative leap second

The installation ‘syzygy in a negative leap second’ consists of an outside and an inside, that can be entered through a 180 cm tall doorway. Inside, from the hollow spherical blackboard, the end of the second act of a play in three acts that might once but most probably will never be performed is read by a mouth.

In the third act of this play, which functions as a script for the work, a character named and embodying ‘the purposefully useless’ collects the pieces of superfluous symbolism that were shaved off explanatory visuals and assembles them into a sequence of ideas and objects in a confined space that functions as a pataphor.

The pataphor, popularly defined as:
“That which occurs when a lizard’s tail has grown so long it breaks off and grows a new lizard.”

Creating a world of inflation and deflation, where formal elements from worlds with halos of seriousness stop referring to their original context, and become the matter of a nature in which curious, absurd and sometimes childlike laws structure chaos.